Tuesday, July 5, 2011

No One Wanted to Wake Up

The sights and Sounds of TADW – No one wanted to wake up…

Friday was a blur of flannel, fuzzy bunny slippers, footie pajamas, laughter and shouts of “hurry up!” as TADW students scuttled into place for the group photo! It was pajama day at TADW (the first of many themed Fridays) and practically everyone including staff, got into the comfy spirit and wore their PJ’s! These themed Fridays are created by the students, and can range from "wear your PJ’s" to "come dressed as your favorite super hero."
These simple weekly events actually strengthen theatrical skills: participants discover yet another way to get in touch with their imagination and creativity, and the group participation boosts a sense of cohesiveness among the students.

These events also show a glimpse at the heart within the Teenage Drama Workshop. TADW is so much more than a summer program where kids grow in their skills as young actors, singers, dancers and techies; it’s a family where you can feel comfortable to be yourself, no questions asked.

I can’t wait to find out next Friday’s theme!

By Hailey Graves, TADW Alum, intern and blogger.

More pics on our facebook page (and coming soon to Flickr).

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