Sunday, July 22, 2012

Callbacks GiveBack

"If you think you are too small to be effective, you have never been in bed with a mosquito." - Betty Reese

Danny, Aaron and Marylata Jacob (Elton) at the
TADW 54 production of Music Man
The Callbacks, the TADW Alumni Group is up and running. Over 300 alumni have joined our Facebook group (175 in the first 36 hours). More join every day, some who attended the Workshop as early as 1961. Many attribute their real-life successes to the lessons learned at TADW.

It is in this spirit the Callbacks GiveBack campaign came to fruition. In 2012, the CALLBACKS began a financial aid fund to assist a multi-generational Legacy student and students in greatest need.

Why “Giveback”? For the second time in TADW’s 55-year history, the program (along with all CSUN departments) must pay CSUN for use of the facilities. This summer, the facility fees increased to over $25,000. Even with raised ticket prices, the financial aid for students was severely jeopardized.

The goal is to fund $5,500 for financial aid annually. My husband, Danny Jacob (composer of Disney’s Phineas and Ferb) and I have contributed the lead gift of $2,500 to get the 2012 fund up and on its feet.

With each TADW Alum investing a modest $25 annually, no teen will be denied this fantastic summer program because of his or her inability to pay tuition. Let us not be the generation who broke the TADW commitment that no student is turned away due to the financial burden of tuition.

Your tax-deductible donation will bring the experience of a lifetime, to teens in need. Cash in that change jar. Set aside $25 and send a check to:

Teenage Drama Workshop
California State University, Northridge
18111 Nordhoff Street
Northridge CA 91330-8320
ATTN: TADW/Doug Kaback

- Marylata Jacob nee Latie Elton, TADW: ’73, ’74, ‘75

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Unsung Heroes: Techies at TADW

Caroline (above) jumps into many of the projects
with students to teach with a hands-on approach.
With both Bye Bye Birdie and Snow White and the Magnificent Seven opening within the week, the tech students are hard at work making sure both shows will light up your world.

Caroline Law, the creator and lead instructor of the tech program here at TADW, has made it clear that she is nothing but confident that her students will do wonders with the lights, sounds, sets, props, and costumes for the shows.

Glen (far right) in the booth of the Little Theatre,
 working the sound board with two tech students.

"I try to teach them [the tech students] professionalism and a strong work ethic so that they take pride in what they do," Caroline says.

Glen Howes, second in command to Caroline, also had sublime things to say about the program. As an alumni of the TADW tech program, he says that what he has learned from the crew has allowed him to advance his skills, and be confident enough with his knowledge of the equipment to teach the new generation of "techies."

Caroline and Glen work wonders as a tech duo.  They teach the students how to run a light or sound board, how to work with mics, build and follow designs for sets, hang and focus lights, and how to properly use all the tools and equipment found in a professional theatre.

The tech program gives students experience working as a unified group, and, over time, they learn to work with one another in a seasoned, and creative way! In fact, what they learn is how to work - and these are skills they can take with them anywhere they may go, whatever career paths they may follow. "We all work together, and we're a team," says Caroline. "I'm trying to take these kids and turn them into little professionals."

- Haylee-Rae Averill

A Sneak Peek: Snow White and the Magnificent Seven

Tickets: 818-677-2488. CSUN Teenage Drama Workshop's production of Snow White and the Magnificent Seven is underway. It's a Western. It's Snow White. It's magnificent!

It's a an original musical by TADW's own Ronnie Sperling and Chris Halsted. We're learning the choreography, rehearsing the scenes, building the sets, testing the sound and setting the lights to get ready for showtime: July 20 - August 4th, 10 performances in the Little Theatre at California State University, Northridge. 

Tickets: 818-677-2488. Discounts for group sales. Saddle up 'n git on out here! Ain't no better show west o' the Mississip... ner east, neither! Well, 'cept fer Bye Bye Birdie in the Big Theatre next door. It's great, too! Matter o' fact, that's gonna be yer next sneak peek!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Invitational to Current and Past TADWanians

Psst! Current and past TADWanians only: you are invited to... "The Invitational!" for Snow White and the Magnificent Seven!

This is a preview show of Snow White and the Magnificent Seven. Remember you must have had the TADW experience to pass through the saloon doors and out onto this mean street. (Actually, it's not such a mean street. But it has its surprises!)

The Invitational is Thursday, July 19th at 6:00 P.M. Parents, ask your teenager about the non-TADW sponsored "After Invitational Get Together." All we can tell you here is it's true when they tell ya that parents sit at one side of the restaurant and the TADW participants at the other. Yup. Go ahead. Ask 'em. ...Ah dare ya!

(Info on the Bye Bye Birdie invitational coming soon, but save the date - evening of July 24th).