Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Your Summer in TADW: What to Expect

What's a TADWanian?!

Are you new to TADW this summer?  Perhaps you came to the Meet and Greet and saw lots of people who seemed like great friends and there you were: new.

Maybe you had a question you didn't think of til you got home.  Do you wonder what a typical TADW day will be like?

First of all, the TADW website has a FAQ page, for those of you who tend to stay up late at night wondering about things.


A day in TADW starts at 8:00 a.m. and ends at 4:15 p.m.  The season runs six weeks. Here's how the TADW day goes:

Performance Track: Students in the performance track begin the day with intensive classes in voice, dance and acting, along with an elective (improvisation, musical theatre or playwriting).  After lunch, they break out by cast to rehearse for the play they're in. This year it's either Snow White and the Magnificent Seven or Bye Bye Birdie.

Tech Track: Students in the technical track will begin their morning with classes in costuming, lighting, sound and stagecraft.  After lunch, they will break out by crew to work behind the scenes in Snow White and the Magnificent Seven or Bye Bye Birdie.

As the six weeks come to an end and the productions go up, the performance students will also use their afternoon session to rehearse for dance class finals, to stage and rehearse their 10-minute plays, and to prepare for the musical theatre showcase called Munch & Crunch. (More about that later. It's fun. It's silly. It's seriously funny).

TADW works like a theatre company with every member pulling his or her weight. So you'll be expected to attend all classes and rehearsals.  You'll work hard, but when you're having fun being creative, time flies!

So, what's this term “TAD-WUH”  you keep hearing people use? That's how TADW sounds-out when you read it as a word.  Look at it.  We're so amazing, we have our own word!  Actually we have another: The students are also called TADWanians. It's a name you'll never shake - and you'll never want to!