Thursday, July 7, 2011

Jungle Book and Remo Drum Company

As if we weren't already excited enough about this summer's production of Jungle Book, the steady rhythm of drums throughout Nordhoff Hall is keeping our spirits - and curiosity - up!  And we have Remo Drum Company to thank - they've provided a tremendous selection of drums for our production, and in turn, we want to be sure you all know that just a few miles down the road - in North Hollywood - you can attend a free community drum circle just about any Tuesday night at Remo Music Center: RMC.

Remo Belli started Remo Drum Company years ago with some of the first synthetic drum heads to hit the market.  They became popular fast, because animal skins, which had been used to make drum heads since the first drums, change tone according to heat, weather changes, humidity.

But enough about the technology of drumming - go out and play and bring your friends. Drum circles don't require any musical expertise, they just require a spirit of curiosity and a desire to have fun! And when you do go, let 'em know you're connected to Teenage Drama Workshop!

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