Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Theme for 2010 Munch & Crunch Announced

As in past years, students in the musical theatre elective at the Teenage Drama Workshop will present a recital of their work at the annual "Munch and Crunch" event to be held at 10 a.m. on Aug. 8.  This is the traditional culmination of the workshop and a not-to-be-missed event. (It will also include recital work from students in dance and voice classes, as well as lunch, awards and other fun surprises). For 2010, the theme for the musical theatre elective and for "Munch and Crunch" is "Movie Musicals." To help students prepare and get ideas for solos and group numbers, choreographer and musical theatre teacher Candy Sherwin provided this list as a resource (Download PDF - "Munch and Crunch Ideas-Movie Musicals.pdf")

Masai Warrior Chant Opens 53rd TADW

In keeping with recent tradition, TADW students learned the "Masai Warrior Chant" on the first day of the workshop, June 28, 2010. Doug Kaback began the tradition of singing this African chant on the first and last days of the workshop, when he took over the program more than a dozen years ago. Here, you'll hear him teach students the opening verse "Ya fa ah ya yea lay; Ya fa ah ya yea lay; Mmm dogo jiggy zo." With their typical exuberance, both the new and returning students took part in the call-and-response style song with Kaback. Kaback says the Masai Warrior chant is "about youth, community, continuity and prosperity."

Meet a Member: Kayla Alperson

One of the new faces in halls this summer belongs to Kayla Alperson, 14. The Calabasas resident, who is taking the improv elective and preparing to play "Alice" in TADW's upcoming production of "Alice in Wonderland," says she is enjoying her first experience with the workshop. "So far I love it," Kayla said, "It's a great way to meet new friends." Kayla will be a sophomore at Calabasas High next year. "Alice in Wonderland" opens June 23.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Best Birthday Present Ever!

TADW student Kaitlyn Rickaby happened to be celebrating a birthday on the first day of the 2010 workshop. Of course, the entire company joined in for a rousing version of "Happy Birthday"!

Now Arriving in TADWania!

Bright and early this morning, the students of the 53rd Teenage Drama Workshop met in the Little Theatre (with the set for "Alice in Wonderland" in the background) for their first all-company meeting! After welcoming remarks from Executive Director Doug Kaback, the students were introduced to the staff and to each other. With new friendships already forming, students then split into their "levels" for tours of Nordhoff Hall and for their first classes. 

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Summer 2010 Cast Lists!!!

***REVISED JUNE 28, 2010***

Alice in Wonderland Cast List:

Alice . . . Kayla Alperson
Mad Hatter . . . Matt Fairlee
White Rabbit . . . Joey Veliz
March Hare . . . John Haukoos
Dormouse . . . Camille Roberts
Caterpillar . . . Bobby Lebeda
Queen of Hearts . . . Jessica Wingenbach
King of Hearts . . . William Barnett
Duchess . . . Haylee-Rae Averill
Cook . . . Cambria Denim
Cheshire Cat #1 . . . Kaitlyn Wolf
Cheshire Cat #2 . . . Amanda Voyce
Cheshire Cat #3 . . . Annette Walter
Pigeon . . . Luke Dorsey

Ensemble – Featured roles to be cast during rehearsal!
Charlotte Andersen
Caroline Barbalace
Dillon Dorsey
Lauren Greenberg
Nicholas Hsia
Elizabeth Lloyd
Laura McDermott
Maya Nathanson
Arthur Parian
Sophia Perusset
Joseph Andrade
Morgan Skeries
Vana Bashian
Jeta Vlashi
Emily Rappaport
Lily Waco
Jeff Wright

***REVISED JUNE 28, 2010***

THE CAT – Daniel Stewart
HORTON – Ian Fairlee
GERTRUDE – Sarah Martellaro
MAYZIE – Lindsay Kazan
MR. MAYOR – Aaron Jacob
MRS. MAYOR – Milli Miereanu
JOJO – Colin Mika
SOUR KANGAROO – Brittany Williams
Lily Lester
Devon Yaffe
BIRD GIRLS – Tiffany Conway
Lily Khalighi
Lindsay Robb
THE GRINCH – Josh Knoller

Rocio Alvarenga
Zach Birch
Sadie Calvano
Nicole Church
Allegra Edelnant
Mara Eisner
Camden Garcia
Daniela Grinblatt
Samantha Hartmann
Olivia Hsia
Paige Jensen
Sarah Lasky
Kyla Lockette
Camille Martellaro
Collette Navasartian
Haley Perkins
Annie Reznik
Kaitlyn Rickaby
Evan Sanford
Raleigh Stamper
Kathy Steele
Analisa Venolia
Gracie Wall
Kate Westrum