Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Jungle Talent

Sights and Sounds of TADW:  The Jungle Talent
And this is just a few of 'em!
It's day four at TADW (Teenage Drama Workshop) and the classes kicked it into high gear today. The creative juices started flowing and kids were stretched both mentally in their acting classes and physically in their dance classes. In all this stretching and growing the students are starting to discover talents they never knew they had, and the faculty and staff are noticing as well.   
Ronnie Sperling and Corky Dominguez, the directors of The Jungle Book, both agree that this summer brought us yet another crop of remarkable kids.  

Ronnie, who also teaches the improv class, informed me today over lunch that the students are really getting into it, and was blown away by some of the things they were doing in class. Corky - in-between preparing for rehearsals - told me that he is just so excited about, “the cast and all of its great potential. We've still got a lot of work to do we are just barely scratching the surface.”  But even so the talent flowing off these kids is incredible!
The directors are not just excited about their students but also the amazing set and props and costumes they have to work with.  

They only gave me a few tidbits about what the audience can expect, but for the most part they are keeping pretty tight lipped. 

However,  Corky said, "I will tell you this the costumes are just unique, and so different than what you would expect in a 'kids' performance." And Ronnie chimed the *Remo drums are a great addition.

*REMO Drums has made a dramatic selection of drums available to us for our performances.  We will tell you more about REMO later, but for this post, suffice it to say, Remo cares about kids, the arts, and giving us a driving rhythm for an amazing show!

Another blog entry by Hailey Graves, student intern for TADW. She starts her sophomore year at CSUN this fall. She is also a TADW alum.


  1. Just for the record there are NO eighteen foot drums in the show. Don't know where that came from.