Wednesday, August 1, 2012

55th TADW Scholarship Recipients

As the 55th TADW blazes through its final week of performances, we want to take a moment to congratulate the 2012 TADW Scholarship recipients, and to again thank those who have donated funds to make these scholarships possible. 

In 2011, the Jacob family established The Endowment Fund (TADW alum Marylata and her husband Danny along with their son, also a TADW alum, Aaron) in the spirit of strengthening the program and making participation possible for more students. To support The Endowment Fund, please see the TADW website for further information and to find out how you can contribute.  

And several more scholarships exist for TADW - some long-standing, others more recent. When you apply for 2013, look for the option to apply for one of these gifts. The TADW 2012 Scholarship recipients are:

Madeline Castro as Pochadotas
Madeline Castro plays Pochadotas in Snow White and the Magnificent Seven.  She received the Nancy Cartwright Scholarship.  Nancy is a TADW alum who visited us in 2009 to establish a scholarship for students who could otherwise not afford to participate in the program.  Nancy is most immediately known for her work as the voice of Bart Simpson, a role she has played since the late 1980’s.  Titles like Kim Possible, Rugrats, and Pinky and the Brain add to her remarkable resume.  

Kaitlyn Rickaby as Wild Bill Hiccup
Kaitlyn Rickaby is Wild Bill Hiccup in Snow White and the Magnificent Seven.  She received the Sam Loeb Scholarship, also known as the “Spirit of TADW” scholarship.  The gift is named for Sam Loeb whose parents dedicated the scholarship in his name after he lost his battle with cancer. This full TADW scholarship is given annually to the student who best exemplifies the spirit of the workshop, namely leadership, friendship, artistry and commitment. Loeb family members and friends provide the funding for this annual award.

Natalie Hightower as Rose
Natalie Hightower is Rose in Bye Bye Birdie.  She received the Mary Ellen Clemmons Scholarship, named for longtime, legendary TADW director and instructor Maryellen Clemmons, professor emeritus from CSUN’s Department of Theatre.  During her tenure, Maryellen also served as acting chair of the department.  The award is given to the “ideal” TADW student and is presented at the end of the summer and includes a half-scholarship for the following year.

Sydney Reyes as Mrs. Doris Macaffee

Daniel Bellusci as the Sheriff
Sydney Reyes is Mrs. Doris Macaffee in Bye Bye BirdieDaniel Bellusci is Sheriff Charmin’ in Snow White and the Magnificent Seven.  Each of these students received the Ann Burroughs Family Scholarship – this gift embodies the spirit of TADW, which is that the students always come first.  A shortage of money should not be an obstacle to keep a student from the TADW experience. The late Ann Burroughs was a long time administrative analyst in the Department of Theatre at CSUN, and a great friend to the workshop.  The scholarship, funded by her family, provides two $500 scholarships for students with financial need. Through this generosity, the spirit of Ann’s caring heart lives on each year, as two deserving students get the support they need to participate in our program.

Savannah Ludwig as Kim
Savannah Ludwig is Kim in Bye Bye Birdie.  She received the Allan RichWe Care About Kids” Scholarship.  Renowned actor, producer and director Allan Rich has sponsored a student through the program each year since 2009.  Through his non-profit organization, “We Care About Kids,” he selects a student for funding with the perspective that TADW is a great community involvement project.  He talks about theatre as a tool for character development, “Whether you want to act, produce, write, build sets, or simply get to know yourself better and find your fit in the world,” he says, “The Teenage Drama Workshop is a great place to be.”  Watch the interview with Kim, Allan and Doug Kaback:

...And to be announced at Munch n’ Crunch on Sunday, the recipient of the Allan Oldham Scholarship, which will provide a particular student funding toward the 56th TADW, Summer 2013.

Congratulations to all of our recipients, and again, a heartfelt THANK YOU to our benefactors.