Monday, June 25, 2012

Tickets now available for all shows!

TADW shows are selling out fast! Tickets are available for Snow White and Magnificent Seven, Bye Bye Birdie, and 10 Minute Play Festival, but you better get them quick! They can be purchased through the main A.S. Ticket Office (see map), the Nordhoff Hall A.S. Ticket Office (located in the Little Theatre Lobby, open only two hours prior to shows), or Ticketmaster (click here).

Ticket pricing is as following:
$14.00 - General
$10.00 - Kids and Seniors 
Groups - $10.00 - 10 or more
(no reserved seating) 

Right now, for every TEN tickets you buy (for one performance), you will receive ONE FREE! This offer is only valid at either A.S. Ticket Office, when you tell them you're with Teenage Drama Workshop.

Monday, June 18, 2012

The TADW 2012 Cast Lists are Here!

Bye Bye Birdie

Albert Peterson             Josh Knoller
Rose                             Natalie Hightower
Ursula Merkle               Alex Lucas
Kim Macafee                Savannah Ludwig
Mrs. Doris Macafee      Sydney Reyes
Mr. Harry Macafee        August Robinson
Mrs. Mae Peterson        Jessica Garcia
Conrad Birdie               Devon Yaffe
Hugo Peabody              Michael Dager
Gloria Rasputin             Lily Khalighi
Randi Macafee               Pasha Wynant

Numerous additional roles to be cast from ensemble below!

Genevieve Collins
Allie George
Noah Gephart-Canada
Hanah Gershkowitz
Samantha Glassner
Grace Jacobsen
James Johnston
Tom Johnston
Kyla Lockette
Sarah MacLennan
Alia Martinez
Laura McDermott
Renee Melkonian
Paulina Mirabella
Rosie Murrah
Allie Norton
Haley Perkins
Sami Raskin
Sara Renner
Camille Roberts
Theo Robinson
Michael Smith
Julia Trites
Analisa Venolia
Marisel Venolia

Snow White and the Magnificent Seven:

Sheriff: Daniel Bellusci
Mayor: Canaan Smith
Prospector: Danny Halsted
Snow White: Milli Miereanu
Willy: Annie Resnick
Little Jake: Chloe Rosen
Queenie: Camille Martellaro
Zero: Maya Escobar
Ms. Kitty: Ashley Stanford-Johnston
Pochadotas Madeline Castro
Clambake: Lily Lester
Chicken: Myles
Man with no name: Colin Mika
Frita Bandita: Julia Lester
Woodsy: Melina
Billy the Kidder: Kate Westrum
Wild Bill Hiccup: Kaitlyn Rickaby

Sarah Sperling
Maya Efrat
Nicole Fisher
Josh Lloyd
Elizabeth Lloyd
Kali Hale
Maya Hale
Larissa Heatley
Samantha Fabish
Brie Guenthner
Paige Jenson
Kaitlyn Catalbas
Mara Eisner
Megan Phung

Sunday, June 10, 2012

This summer TADWanians blew their first auditions out of the water!

Doug Kaback gathers all the crew and students in the Little Theatre for an
introductory speech to kick things off.
This summer's first round of auditions were excellent! The students were split into three groups, and went into three different auditions, including voice, acting, and dance.
For voice, each student sang along with either an accompaniment from voice teacher Diane, with a karaoke track, or acapella. For the dance audition, dance instructor/choreographer Candy, and her assistant Brynn, taught each group a basic routine to see their individual ability to pick up choreography, work in sync with other dancers, and take direction. And for the acting audition, Chris had the students participate in some warm-up activities to get their creative juices flowing. He then had small groups of students go on stage to act out improvised monologues, based on short blurbs he gave them based on some of the characters from this summer's Snow White and the Magnificent Seven. Overall, the general consensus of the talent this past week was top notch. This summer is going to be more impressive than ever! Can't wait to see how the callbacks go next week! Break legs!
-Haylee-Rae Averill

Friday, June 8, 2012

With auditions this week, and callbacks the next, TADWanians are going to be "hoping they get it"!

With first auditions tomorrow, we've got a feeling you're all amped with nerves and excitement, much like the characters in A Chorus Line. But to ease those nerves, just remember, every actor at TADW gets called back, so there's no need to think "God, I hope I get it!"

-Haylee-Rae Averill