Thursday, July 8, 2010

Parent Newsletter #2: July 7, 2010

Greetings TADW Parents.  Here is the text of the second parent newsletter that went home on July 7 with your child(ren). You may also have received this by email. (If you didn't, please contact Beth Lasky (info below) with your updated email address.)

NEWSLETTER #2 – JULY 7, 2010

Communication -  Please let us know how things are going. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Beth at (818)677-2725 (day) (818)883-7314 evenings or email her at Ask your child if any important TADW information was given out for parents.

Parent/Guardian Advisory Committee -  We held our first meeting last week, that was very well attended. Thank you to the 20 parents and guardians who were able to attend. Our next meeting will be Friday, July 9th from 3:00 to 4:00 PM in conference room.
Pick-Up -  During these first few weeks TADW dismissal time is 4:15.  Most of the TADW staff are gone by 4:30-5:00pm.  After shows begin rehearsal schedules, we must be out of the building by 6pm.  Please pick up your children as close to the dismissal time as possible.  TADW is not responsible for their well being after hours.  If there is a problem, please let Beth know.

Guests -  Occasionally, a guest will accompany a student to TADW.  This MUST be cleared with either Doug or Brent beforehand!  Guests will be asked to leave if there is no previous notice or if the guest is disruptive.

Buying Tickets -  Tickets for all performances may be purchased at the Associated Students Ticket Office at the University Student Union or by going to the TADW website at  Their hours of operation are Monday-Saturday from 10 am - 6 pm.  Tickets may also be ordered by calling (818)677-2488.  Additionally, tickets may be purchased 2 hours before a performance, at the Ticket Office opposite the Little Theater in Nordhoff Hall.
Ticket Selling -  We need everyone’s help to fill up the theatre. We’re asking everyone to sell 25-50 tickets each. Please help your child by letting friends and family know they can buy tickets from you. We have PLENTY of brochures and posters. Come and take a handful.  The following matinee performances have already SOLD OUT: 7/28 – Alice; 7/30 Alice; and 8/4 - Alice and Seussical.

Photo Calls: -  Please be aware that photos of the cast and crew of each show will be taken after the first Saturday performances,.  This means that people will not be released until about 1-1:30 after the following performances:  Alice- Saturday, 7/24 and Seussical- Saturday 7/31.

Concessions Stand -  Families may donate canned sodas/bottled water/juice boxes (or other re-sellable drinks) and/or candy bars/cookies/chips/etc… for the TADW concessions stand.  All items should be pre-packaged. Bring your items when you drop off your children in the morning. TADW staff will be in the parking lot to accept your contributions. If families would prefer to make a cash donation for the purchase of snacks or drinks, that’s fine, too. All proceeds from the stand go to the Parent Advisory Committee scholarship fund.

Ushers -  We still need ushers for some of the shows.  A sign-up sheet for ushers is available at the Parent Meetings or you can email Beth at  All ushers arrive a half hour before the show begins, take tickets, pass out programs, and work at the concession stand after the show.  A TADW staff member will serve as house manager and be able to answer any questions.  All ushers see the show for free.

Parking -  If you park on campus, you will need to buy a parking permit at all times. Permit parking on campus is enforced 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Permit dispenser machines are located in Lot B1 and inside parking structure B3.  Daily permits are $6 and are available from 7am-9pm, at the kiosks on Prairie (just off Darby).  There are weekly passes that can be purchased for $10 a week.  This special pass can only be purchased through the Department of Public Safety (DPS) office.  The DPS building is on Darby at Prairie. 

Sponsors –  Can your family sponsor an organization for under-privileged youth by buying tickets for them to see our shows?  Please contact Doug Kaback if you would like to make a donation or to sponsor a group of your choice this summer.  We’ve invited 120 kids from Stone Soup Childcare in Norwalk and 50 kids from   They’re all thrilled!  Thank you!!

Carpool List -  A list of all TADW members is available and has been distributed.  If your son or daughter did not give it to you, please ask for it!

DVDs Order Forms -  Don't forget to order the DVD of the shows for this year.  DVDs will be available for Seussical, Alice, 10 Minute Play Festival and Munch and Crunch.  Each DVD is $25.00.

Schedules -  Rehearsal schedules for each show have been distributed.  If you did not receive one, contact Beth.  Please note that both Seussical, and Alice have Preview Shows the evening before their openings.  These shows are only for current and past TADW participants.  More will be included in next week's Newsletter about the Invitational (Previews).


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