Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Info for Parents: 'Alice' Rehearsals

Here is the latest regarding "Alice" rehearsals:

On Thursday, July 22: Rehearsal will go from 1:15pm to about 3:30pm.  The cast will not have time to leave the building.  Students should bring a big healthy snack to keep them going.  They will have 30 minutes to eat.  They have to be at the theater at 4pm (call time) to get into costumes for the 6pm Invitational. Most likely the show will be done by 7pm.  This means they can be at Sizzler by 7:30 to eat dinner!!

On Friday, July 23:  The cast will rehearse until 4pm.  They can leave the building to go eat or they can stay at TADW.  Call time is 5pm for the 7pm Opening Show!!

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