Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"Alice" Display Case Features Local Students' Artwork

In anticipation of opening night, the display case for "Alice in Wonderland" is up outside the Little Theatre in CSUN's Nordhoff Hall. With photos of the cast and show, the display case also features some special artwork from local students.

In her duties as a Professor in the Department of Special Education, TADW's administrator Beth Lasky recently visited the classroom of Tina Goodman at Summit View School, a school for students with learning disabilities.

"I noticed a table with projects on it and I realized they were all related to 'Alice in Wonderland,'" Lasky said.

Goodman's high school students had all read the Lewis Carroll book and had created dioramas to depict scenes from the story.

Lasky was so impressed with the students' work that she asked to borrow several of them for TADW's display case.  The artwork will be displayed throughout the run of "Alice in Wonderland."

Lasky has also extended an invitation to the students and their teacher to come see the show!

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