Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Unsung Heroes: Techies at TADW

Caroline (above) jumps into many of the projects
with students to teach with a hands-on approach.
With both Bye Bye Birdie and Snow White and the Magnificent Seven opening within the week, the tech students are hard at work making sure both shows will light up your world.

Caroline Law, the creator and lead instructor of the tech program here at TADW, has made it clear that she is nothing but confident that her students will do wonders with the lights, sounds, sets, props, and costumes for the shows.

Glen (far right) in the booth of the Little Theatre,
 working the sound board with two tech students.

"I try to teach them [the tech students] professionalism and a strong work ethic so that they take pride in what they do," Caroline says.

Glen Howes, second in command to Caroline, also had sublime things to say about the program. As an alumni of the TADW tech program, he says that what he has learned from the crew has allowed him to advance his skills, and be confident enough with his knowledge of the equipment to teach the new generation of "techies."

Caroline and Glen work wonders as a tech duo.  They teach the students how to run a light or sound board, how to work with mics, build and follow designs for sets, hang and focus lights, and how to properly use all the tools and equipment found in a professional theatre.

The tech program gives students experience working as a unified group, and, over time, they learn to work with one another in a seasoned, and creative way! In fact, what they learn is how to work - and these are skills they can take with them anywhere they may go, whatever career paths they may follow. "We all work together, and we're a team," says Caroline. "I'm trying to take these kids and turn them into little professionals."

- Haylee-Rae Averill

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  1. Unfortunately, the techs never get enough recognition; probably because they're never seen. (...if they're good).
    Vaughn (Glen's dad)