Friday, February 25, 2011

Meet the TADW PR Interns: Janine and Leore

Leore Hayon and Janine Der Bogosian
Janine Der Bogosian:
I found out early in life that I have two passions: public relations and theater. I’ve been fortunate enough to find a path that combines both. After graduating from Pasadena High School in 2007, I decided to enroll in Cal State Northridge’s remarkable journalism program. It was here that I decided that my personality and strengths lay in Public Relations, and began to pursue a career in the wonderful world of PR.

Meanwhile, I seasoned my passion for theater by enrolling in acting classes at Playhouse West School & Repertory Theater in Studio City.  I met incredible friends and teachers who taught me the true art of acting and its importance in our world.

I began working on internships, including one at a non-profit organization called Sealed With a Wish, that sends care packages to American troops living in combat zones. I gained vital Public Relations experience that has proven to be tremendously helpful in my career endeavors.

When I obtained an internship with the CSUN Teenage Drama Workshop, I couldn’t help but think how perfect it was. TADW is an incredible program with a dynamic community of teachers, students, young actors and leaders. Not only do I have the opportunity for PR work with a theater workshop, but I can also work with my best friend, Leore Hayon, who I met here at CSUN a few years ago. We have taken all our coursework together and learned that we make a strong team.

Both Leore and I have felt extremely welcomed by TADW and have grown together so much already. We have created a Twitter account for Teenage Drama Workshop (, and we’ve been so blessed to meet inspirational leaders such as actor, producer and director Allan Rich.

When I was in high school, I would’ve absolutely loved to be involved in a program such as TADW. This drives me to even more excitement to spread the word about the summer workshops and performances to the community. I cannot wait to see this year’s program unfold with the beauty that TADW has proven to create each year.

Leore Hayon:
I grew up in studio city, California and made my way to CSUN after graduating high school from Montclair College Prep to study journalism.  I always excelled in writing and figured journalism was the best route for me to take in my college career. Specializing in public relations, this also suits my personality as a social butterfly.

Throughout college I have interned at various places including a fashion PR boutique (HL Group), a record label (Warner Music Group), and non profit organization (Echoes of Hope). My latest internship and venture is with TADW.

I was lucky enough to meet Janine in our Journalism 110 news writing class freshman year. We immediately connected and managed to stick together throughout school, making sure we registered for the same classes every semester. Our friendship has grown throughout the years and we have also proven to work together very well too. Bouncing ideas off each other and using our PR knowledge, Janine and I are working hard to help TADW in any way we can. We have felt so welcomed and appreciated for our efforts so far, making this internship an extremely fulfilling experience. As we believe in what TADW has to offer for the San Fernando Valley's youth.

We have already created the TADW twitter account, written a PR plan, created a flyer, visited local schools to raise awareness of the program, and made a short video featuring TADW's supporter Allan Rich. There is much more to come!

(They work so well together we thought they'd known each other since birth! -ed.)

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