Friday, December 3, 2010

$200 off Summer 2011 TADW - with app by 12/31!

Please help us get the word out - there's a $200 discount for early registration to the CSUN teenage drama workshop for Summer 2011.   We're doing Jungle Book,  Music Man and  the 10 Minute Play Festival which will feature original short plays by teen writers.

Save money!  If you apply by 12/31/2010 there's a $200 discount.  If you miss that deadline, you can still get $100 off if you apply by 03/01/2011.

All registration is online, (even if you apply online and mail in a check). Financial aid is available, forms are on the downloads page here:

Get more info on the TADW webpage:

Also, there is a $250 deposit (to show you're serious) and $100 of that is non-refundable.  See this summer with your, "I'm $200 richer than I would have been if I'd waited til 2011 to sign up for Teenage Drama Workshop!" smile on your face.

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